How to order for Smartdrive ERP

Step 1: Create a new account by supplying your company's information.
Step 2: Once a new account is created, use the email to log in to Smartdrive ERP Request Portal.
Step 3: When logging in, select Smartdrive ERP in the application category.
Step 4: Add Smartdrive ERP Portal and Smartdrive ERP Communication Tool at the cost of $20 per month for each employee.
Step 5: Based on your request, we will create an order and send to you by email with bank payment information.
Step 6: Once payment is confirmed, it will take 5-7 working days to set up each organization.
Step 7: Account will be created and sent to individual employees to log into the portal. Each organization will have the ability to manage its own portal. Thank you, We look forward to receiving your request.
Note: the price will be going up with increasing demand. So I suggest you buy now!