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All-in-one: Employee Database Management, Recruitments, Appraisal, Expenses, Leaves, Attendances, etc.

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Successfully manage your employees 

Centralize all your HR information.

Oversee all important information for each department at a glance. Restrict visibility of sensitive information to just HR managers, or make other information public for all employees to see such as employee directory. Receive alerts for any new leave requests, allocation requests, applications, appraisals, and more. 

SmartdriveERP Employee Database Management System

Learn how to use SmartdriveERP Employee Database Management System.


SmartdriveERP Attendances

The attendance of all employees in any organization has a key role to play in determining the growth of the business.  SmartdriveERP has built an attendance management system to keep track of the time that employees check-in and check out of work every day. It also solves the problem of creating badges with a barcode of all staff in an organization.


SmartdriveERP- Leave Management System

The Leave Management System is a platform that allows employees to track their used and available vacation and individual status with just a few clicks. In addition, the employee is able to create several vacation policies according to the company’s standards. These systems are able to effortlessly plan and manage employee time. They enable the HR department to easily manage the presence of employees working in multiple time zones, multiple locations, and shifts.

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