School, Student, and Parent Information.

                                      • Student and parent information 

                                      • Create a family account

                                      • Create and update staff information

                                      • Create classes

                                      • Assign a student to a class

                                      • Define school and session

                                      • Define school term

                                      • Define school fee item and discount

                                      • Create and update school fees schedule per term

                                      • Define school bank

                                      School fee template.

                                      • Create and update school fee template

                                      • Assign a class to school fee template

                                      • Add a student to school fee template

                                      • View school fee schedule per class/term

                                      • View assigned class to school fees template

                                      School invoices.

                                      • Generate invoices for a class and student

                                      • View class and student invoice

                                      • Add item to student invoice

                                      • Apply discount to student invoice

                                      • Discount approval by the school administrator 

                                      • Invoice modification

                                      • View and print student invoice 

                                      Receiving school payments.

                                      • Receive school fee invoice payment

                                      • View school fee payment breakdown per term /student

                                      • View school fee payment and print receipt per student

                                      • View school fee payment received per class

                                      School Fee Debt Management .   

                                      • Generate debtors per session, the total number of students, and the total amount

                                      • Generate debtors per term, the total number of students, and the total amount

                                      • Generate debtors per class, the total number of students, and the total amount

                                      School Income Projection .   

                                      • Generate income projection  per session/Term/Class

                                      Student Fee Clearance

                                      • Generate fee clearance for a student leaving the school and final year student

                                      How to install My School Accounting Software .

                                      This software is available to be installed

                                      • Cloud Server

                                      • Local on the school server

                                      How to buy My School Accounting Software .

                                      • Call/WhatsApp on  +234 (0) 803 342 8469
                                      • Email: evansuko@gmail.com or evans@smartdriveportfolio.com
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